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A picture of a woman

Vocal team - Suzanne Parsons

  • April '21
The Ideas Fund logo - the word 'if' at the centre of a Sun like background.

The Ideas Fund launches in Oldham

  • January '21

Hearing Health Now

  • November '20
One person talking and one taking notes

Health: one size doesn't fit all

  • October '20

Planet DIVOC-91 goes global

  • September '20
Five women with children waiting for their turn to vaccinate

Our global view

  • July '20
Planet Divot 91 logo

Visit Planet DIVOC-91

  • July '20
Illustration of a nurse at a desk with a computer saying 'MRI'

Advances in radiotherapy research

  • July '20
People participating in a workshop

What do we mean by ‘hearing health’?

  • July '20
Bill speaking in front of a camera

A researcher's view