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We are not hard to reach, we are here, we are visible

  • Posted by Annie,
  • Deputy Director,
  • in Listen up

Ehinor Otaigbe-Amedu, invites researchers to work in partnership

Research is very, very important to me and my community.

Ehinor gives an insight into her work as a community leader and a member of the BAME Research Advisory Group (BRAG).

She explains how BRAG helps to bridge the gap between researchers and BAME communities.

BRAG advises researchers on how to work inclusively and with cultural awareness.

Ehinor is the CEO of Wonderfully Made Woman

If you would like to find out more about BRAG, please get in touch with Annie Keane

I want to encourage you if you are a researcher, please do come to BRAG. We will advise you and give you the right information that you need to help you with your research.