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One for All (English)

  • Posted by Bella,
  • Director,
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  • November '22

Follow Tadala and Mayeso as they explore what to believe and who to trust when it comes to vaccines in this new comic.

“One for All, All for One” is a free comic and a film, helping people to have new conversations about vaccines, community protection, trust and working together in research.

Across the world, people who are most vulnerable to infectious diseases suffer the most from disruptions to routine immunisation.

The biggest barrier to vaccination is access and availability, however how we talk about vaccines has an impact too. This includes topics such as trust and how communities (as well as the individual) can benefit: vaccines don’t just protect you – they help protect your neighbour too (‘community protection’). At the same time, global research is developing vaccines all the time – including in partnership with patients and communities.

The One for All project involved community members, researchers, health workers and artists in Malawi, South Africa and the UK. Together we created a new way to start conversations about vaccines and working together in research: the One for All comic and film is the result of this exploration.

Drawn by young South African street artist Mo, the story stars teenagers Tadala and Mayeso. Caught up in the flurry of voices surrounding them, the pair examine a wide range of information to develop their own conclusions about vaccines. With the help of family, scientists and their community, they also discover how they can have a say in research.

The comic reflects the views and experiences of young people, students, community-based youth groups, young parents, health surveillance assistants, community and faiths leaders, artists and researchers in the global South and North, who were all involved in creating it. The comic also draws on sound scientific and social science research.

You can download the comic in English and watch the chapters of the film below or on YouTube. We’d love for you to share it far and wide.

If you’d like print versions of the comic to share with your community, please get in touch with us at We can also work with you to translate the comic for use in different countries.

Enjoy the story!

Download the comic here: