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We’re looking for people whose eczema gets worse with sunlight to help shape a new awareness raising campaign in Greater Manchester.

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Help shape a new campaign!

Some people's eczema gets worse with sunlight. This is called photo-aggravated atopic dermatitis (PAD). There hasn't been a lot of research into this condition and people might not even realise they have it.

We’re working with researchers looking into skin conditions, people affected by PAD, an artist and Greater Manchester Eczema and Skin Support to develop a campaign which will raise awareness of PAD and the experiences of people affected by it.

People will take part in three creative workshops where we’ll work together to develop visual content (such as posters) to raise awareness of PAD as well as a community event that’ll take place in March 2024.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for up to 6 people who:

  • Have a PAD diagnosis
  • Are interested in raising awareness of PAD
  • Feel comfortable sharing their own experience in a group with others

Please note:

  • There’s some evidence that people from a South Asian background are more likely to experience photo-aggravated atopic dermatitis. We’re encouraging people from South Asian backgrounds to get involved in this project.
  • You don’t need any previous experience of getting involved in research, or creative workshops. Just be willing to share your experiences!
  • We aim to make our opportunities as inclusive and accessible as possible and are committed to ensuring that people from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds have a say in health research. If there is anything that we can do to enable you to take part, please let us know.

What’s the commitment?

Please note, the dates below are provisional and will be confirmed with participants. The workshops will take place face-to-face but with option to join online for people who can’t physically attend.

Workshop 1: Wednesday 6th December, 6pm-8pm In/Around Manchester City Centre

Workshop 2: Wednesday Jan 2024, 6pm-8pm In/Around Manchester City Centre

Workshop 3 : TBC, January or February 2024

You’ll need to be able to attend at least the first two workshops. You’ll receive a £25/hour honorarium payment for each workshop, including reasonable travel costs and other pre-agreed expenses (for example, caring and childcare expenses).

How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in finding out more or joining the project, please contact Susannah by email ( by Nov 20th.