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Have a say in new research

By sharing your views and experiences you could help researchers to find better ways to diagnose asthma and improve how people with the condition use inhalers.

People with inflatable art work that resembles colourful human cells
Breathtaking Lungs

How we worked with patients, researchers and partners in Wythenshawe to raise awareness of breathing conditions and research.

Help shape research into asthma

By sharing your views and experiences you’ll help make a difference to patients in the future.

We’re looking for people from a range of different backgrounds who have asthma and use an inhaler.

As a member of the Network, you’ll draw on your lived experience to share your views and opinions with researchers who developing two new research studies:

  • Home testing for asthma diagnosis: this study aims to enable people to test for asthma at home and support them in getting an accurate diagnosis.

  • Digital solutions for inhaler technique: this study is testing a new way to improve inhaler use.

Over the next two years, we’ll share different opportunities to take part in friendly online or face-to-face meetings with researchers and other people with asthma related to these projects, it’s up to you how many of these you get involved in. Meetings will include a range of activities including advising on patient information for people who’ll be taking part in the studies.

To take part

  • If you’d like to find out more about the Network and future activities, please get in touch with Emily by clicking the ‘Get Involved’ button below

  • We pay everyone who takes part in our activities in line with national guidelines. You’ll be offered an honorarium of £ 50 for two hour face to face workshops and we’ll cover travel expenses within Greater Manchester.

  • We’re committed to making our opportunities as inclusive and accessible as possible, if there’s anything that we can do to enable you to take part (for example, providing BSL interpretation, childcare and caring expenses) please let us know.

Please note, certain activities may have limited spaces or have specific requirements (for example, requiring input from people with a particular condition or from a specific age group) and we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to take part in all opportunities shared. In these cases, places may be allocated on a first come first served basis or people that match specific requirements will be prioritised. We’ll also make sure that Network members get an opportunity to take part in at least one activity.