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Help us decide on the top 10 priorities on the 27th of February

We’re looking for people who live or work in Gorton to decide what questions matter to them about their health and wellbeing experiences.

Help prioritise the top ten questions for health research!

We’ve been collaborating with Healthy Me Healthy Communities and the James Lind Alliance on a project called ‘The Gorton Health Matters Priority Setting Partnership’ funded by the NIHR Clinical Research Network. By working together with residents, community organisations and healthcare workers, we aim to identify the health and wellbeing challenges and the research questions that are most important to people from the local area.

Over the last 6 months we have asked people in Gorton and health care professionals to tell us the questions they wanted answering by research. Over 600 ideas were submitted. These questions were reviewed, sorted and summarised into a long list of 40 questions. These 40 questions have now been prioritised by over 100 people who took part in our second survey, giving a shortlist of about 20 questions.

We now want your help to decide on the final top ten questions during workshops on the 27th of February.

What are the workshops for?

The aim of the workshops is to agree on the top ten questions for health research which matter most to people living in Gorton and the healthcare professionals who work with them. These questions will add a new perspective to the research agenda for the Greater Manchester Clinical Research Network.

When and where?

27th February 2024 at Gorton Central (Previously Gorton Community Centre)

Who are we looking for?

We want to recruit approximately 30 people who:

  • Live in Gorton
  • Are community or healthcare professionals working in the area.

What will happen at the workshops?

You should be prepared to share your experiences and opinions and listen to other people in a series of small group discussions. There will be about five people in each small group at the workshop. Together, you will be helping us to make decisions about the top 10 research questions you think should be prioritised.

How to get involved

If you are interested in taking part in the workshops, please fill this form.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Hannah Turner-Uaandja via:

  • Email on
  • Call or text on 07877249441

Important information

Please note, healthcare professionals won’t receive payment, but we’ll cover travel expenses. Lunch will be provided.