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Hearing Health Now

  • Posted by Annie,
  • Deputy Director,
  • in Listen up,
  • November '20

An insight into people's different experiences

The Hearing Health Now project brought together researchers, people who use hearing aids, people who are d/Deaf and use BSL and people with mixed experiences of hearing to explore the topic of hearing health and research.

People shared their personal perspectives, discussed the commonalities and differences between their experiences and what they wanted to communicate to others in this animation.

The animation is BSL interpreted and gives examples of the daily experiences of people affected by hearing health research, invites everyone to see hearing health as a shared responsibility and promotes inclusive research.

These conversations and different perspectives about hearing health are also shared in the image below.

A yello and blue poster with an illustration of a ping pong paddle. Words on the poster say: table tennis is an important part of our community. As my hearing has changed, I have found that I can't hear the ball. People want to play and engage in meaningful conversations, but my hearing loss makes me fell disconnected from this important part of our community.
A green and pink poster, with one illustration of a person using BSL and one of a head wearing headphones. Writing on the poster says: Our world is a Deaf world. We live in a hearing world.
An orange poster with a big red circle and an illustration of an hearing aid. Words on the poster say: as hearing aids get smaller, my confidence gets bigger.