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Our work with the Medical Research Council

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We’ve reviewed current practice in public involvement with a particular focus on non-clinical research to inform the development of a new strategy.

As part of our review, we consulted with a wide range of people including staff in the Medical Research Council’s units, centres and institutes, researchers, members of the public, practitioners and people from other organisations. We identified good examples of current practice, also where people experienced barriers and the changes that they’d like to see in the future. Read the Public Involvement Landscape Review

Following the review we have facilitated five workshops in Summer 2023 with over 140 attendees, including 23 public partners, to explore ambitions for public partnerships. The review and workshops will feed in to the development of a new MRC strategy.

All of this work is supported by an External Advisory Group which brings a huge depth of knowledge, understanding and experience to help us broaden the perspectives within the project.

External Advisory Group

  • Angela Ruddock: Public Contributor, Member of Primary Care Research in Manchester Engagement Resource, Centre for Primary Care and Health Services Research
  • Emily Lam: Public Contributor and Advocate with an interest in health research involving people and using their data for better care and outcome
  • Emma Dorris: Programme Manager, PPI Ignite Network at University College Dublin (UCD); Research Analytics & Impact Team, UCD Research
  • Kaz Obuka: Head of Patient and Public Involvement & Equalities, NHS South West London Clinical Commissioning Group (attending in personal capacity)
  • Lynn Laidlaw: Patient Advocate, Co-Investigator COVID Shielding Voices & Lay member of COVID-UK Approvals and Oversight Board
  • Maria Lawal: Patient Advocate, Co-researcher on BRIGHTLIGHT study, Cancer Education UK Ambassador, Member of European network of youth cancer survivors, Children’s Author
  • Nadine Fontaine-Palmer, Director, Mabadiliko CIC
  • Natasha Ratcliffe: Patient Engagement Specialist
  • Nick Hillier: Director of Communications & Engagement, Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Steve Scott: Public Engagement Lead, UK Research & Innovation

Many thanks to previous members

  • Sinduja Manohar: Public Engagement and Involvement professional
  • Simon Wilde: Public Engagement professional (Previously Engagement Director, Genomics England)

If you have any queries about this project please contact