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Radiotherapy & research

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Manchester is a world-leading centre for radiotherapy and research.

Radiotherapy is a vital treatment for cancer. More than half of patients with cancer have radiotherapy as part of their treatment.

People don’t seem to talk about radiotherapy as much as other treatments. In the Radiotherapy & Me videos you can hear directly from people talking about their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Over 8,500 patients are treated with radiotherapy each year in Manchester. It is a centre for state-of-the-art radiotherapy technology including the first NHS Proton Beam Therapy Centre and an MR-linac machine.

Researchers in Manchester are exploring how to

  • Make treatment more personalised
  • Reduce side effects
  • Use new technologies to target cancer cells

We know that radiotherapy is an effective treatment but we're constantly looking for improvement through the use of different technology and research.

—Yee Pei Song, Researcher, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

When researchers are developing their ideas for new research, they want to hear from patients about their experiences to make sure that the research they do is relevant.

With researchers and patients working together, there's no limit to where we can go.

—Mike Thorpe, Patient and Public Contributor

Watch this video where researchers Karen Kirkby and Norman Kirkby talk about radiotherapy research in Manchester and explain the differences between conventional radiotherapy and proton beam therapy.