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Top tips for researchers

  • Posted by Annie,
  • Deputy Director,
  • in Resources,
  • June '20

BAME Research Advisory Group members outline what they expect from researchers who are attending BRAG meetings for advice

  • Present Information about the research clearly and visually. Use a maximum of five slides

  • Be clear about why you are coming to the group. What expertise and input are you looking for? Specify any constraints?

  • Include information about how your research/topic area is relevant to people from BAMER groups and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. How does the issue affect different communities? What is known already, and what is not known?

  • Consider what research has been already done in BAMER countries or other places. How might such research inform your approach?

  • Be aware of the role that language and interpretation can play in people’s experiences of health care and research

  • Be aware of cultural and religious restrictions, norms that can affect people’s experiences of health care and research

  • Feed back to the group 6 months after meeting. What impact has BRAG input had on your research?

If you are a researcher who would like BRAG’s advice on your research, please contact Annie Keane.