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Get Vocal about Antimicrobial Resistance

Join the network to influence research which will improve how antibiotics are used.

A person speaking to someone else who is listening to them

Tackling liver disease

Help researchers to diagnose liver disease earlier.

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Get Vocal on Cancer Network

For people who have experienced cancer as a patient or carer, have family history of cancer or have experience of cancer screening.

People smiling in one row holding signs 'I am research'

Musculoskeletal Research User Network

Join the network and help to develop new research.

Group of people holding certificates and smiling

Deaf Experts by Experience Group

If you are a researcher, find out how you can consult with British Sign Language users to develop your research ideas.

People sitting at a table and talking to each other

Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Research Advisory Group (BRAG)

Are you a researcher looking for advice from Manchester’s BAME communities?

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IVF Research Advisory Group

Have your say about the research that matters to you.

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Respiratory research

If you have experience of a breathing condition, you can have your say in research.

Two women sitting at a table and communicating with each other

Hearing health

If you have experience of hearing loss, you can help to develop new research,

A young person leaning against a board and a woman in the background

Voice Up

Voice Up is a group for 11-24 year olds living in Greater Manchester to have their say in health research.

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Maternal & Fetal Health Research Advisory Group

By sharing your experiences you can help other poeple like you who are facing pregnancy complications or loss.

Dermatology Research User Network

Do you have experience of skin or hair disease? Have your say about new dermatology research

Our genetics and our medication

Have a say in new research which will test how people’s genetic data could be used to improve the safety and effectiveness of medicines