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Person sat talking to group of people

Working with patients to reimagine pain management

3 people sat talking to eachother

Our work with the Medical Research Council

Two people sat at table, one talking to people out of shot

Develop your skills for inclusive research

A close up of an open eye with numbers justaxposed onto it

Research Improves Lives #MyMSKStory

  • October '21
Prayer book open to page with hand writing in

After Every Difficulty, Comes Ease #MyMSKStory

  • October '21
A person smiling with fist up celebrating a win

Movement isn’t just Physical #MyMSKStory

Person typing at computer with two screens

People, Not Numbers #MyMSKStory

  • October '21
Young person sitting on a chair on a cliff, looking at the sea with binoculars

Marine Biologist in the Making #MyMSKStory

  • October '21
Person talking in a group of people

Am I imagining this?

  • October '21
Illustration of one of the characters, Sanda, being hugged by an alien

Planet DIVOC-91 makes a difference

  • July '21