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Our five year plan and how we measure our progress

  • Posted by Annie,
  • Deputy Director,
  • in Listen up

We have a 5 year strategy that covers all our work.

Our 5-year strategy (2022-2027) is based on our four values of Working Together, Everyone Matters, Innovating and Driving Excellence and sets out the difference we want to make. We created it in partnership with the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Research Advisory Group (BRAG) and in workshops with

Understanding what difference we’re making to research and the people involved in our work is really important to us. As set out in our Evaluation Strategy, we do this by

  • collecting feedback from the patients, carers, communities and researchers that we work with
  • regularly reviewing and reporting on our projects
  • sharing information about the people we work with

Find out more about both strategies by reading or downloading the documents linked below.